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Professional coaches and mentors, researchers, and believers in the value of conversations.

Dr Rachel Robins

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I am fascinated by conversations and have been as far back as I can remember.

I think it began by listening to my father talking as I grew up. He wasn’t well educated in the academic sense of the word but knew so much about so many things and I learnt by listening to him. 

He was a fantastic storyteller and with each tale, you felt like you were there in the conversation he was repeating. We used to listen to other people’s conversations as we were out in the town and talk to one another about what the rest of the story may be. I used to think I was nosey but now I have reframed that and realise I am professionally curious.

Over a period of time, I have studied the impacts of different conversations and how they can take us to a different place. Knowing the value of conversations led me to coaching and mentoring as an intervention to enable people to move forward with their lives in a more informed and positive way.

A structured conversation for me is so much more than just a chat over coffee but to the outside world that is all it may seem. To the people in the conversation, it shows insights to emotions feelings mind-sets barriers – a world that sits behind the spoken word. 

My journey moves forward again now as we move into The Conversation Company – delivering all things conversational.

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Christine McDonald

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Conversations changed the way I see the world – I am so excited to share this magic with others.

Two years ago I had a great career in adult social care during which I had spent a decade developing my report writing penmanship and refining my budget-balancing skills. But I was unfulfilled without knowing why. Then, during a short personal development course, I had the opportunity to investigate my values and it changed the way that I see the world.

One of my key values that leapt out of the page was for me to make a difference. Not a “know that you are a small cog in a big machine” difference, but “right in front of you, watching the penny drop” difference. And my love of change-making conversations was born.

Since this time so many things have fallen into place and I now use a range of ideas from understanding psychological safety to the value of compassionate communication skills. They all help me and those I work with understand what is import in life.

Now a qualified coach and having conversations with people where they discover their motivation or their next steps will always be a privilege for me, especially when they didn’t think it would happen. This makes The Conversation Company the perfect home for me. And I can still write a pretty good report.

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The power of conversations

Even a single interesting, impactful or inspiring conversation can have the power to create so many many more… We help you to harness this power in your life, team or organisation. The example below is from our partnership work with Professor Tony Wall delivering Storytelling Workshops.

Our conversations first, changed the way I organised public health, moving from a silo into being embedded across distributed but deeply interconnected services areas, and working in new partnerships across services.

Then, they changed the profile of my own leadership team to build stronger resilience and agility, future-proofing the public health service capability to work in a more interconnected way.

Ansaf AzharCorporate Director of Public Health, Oxfordshire County Council

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Our clients

As well as individual clients we are lucky enough to have business clients in Public, Private and Voluntary Sectors, Business, Higher Education, Police, Health and International markets. Our conversations take us to all sorts of places, where we make an impact.

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