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Friday 12th March 2021

Be The Business: Wellbeing Spark Talk


It was great to be invited to speak to a group of business Leaners for Be the Business Rebuild Programme. They are bringing in free expert advice on recovery tactics, stories from peers and access to like-minded people to bounce ideas off.


My session was for their newly developed Spark Learning Sessions on Wellbeing. The sessions are designed to help leaders from SME’s promote a happy, healthy and productive culture in their workplace. In the months ahead as Leaders they will be making big business decisions – so we started with Self Care. Talking about all things we can do to look after ourselves so that we can look after those who work for us. I was able to share tools and techniques but most of all reminding them about the habits we would like to change that have crept into our lives over the recent months. The group all committed to changing one small thing on the day so that their tomorrow would be different. One leader even said “I am going to try not taking my phone to bed tonight” now that is a big habit to try and break - but what a great start to self-care!

I love face to face as people’s body language tells me so much but Zoom definitely has it’s benefits as this group of business leaders were from right across the country and managed to spare 90 minuets to concentrate on themselves - not sure that would have been possible if we had all tried to meet in person.

Find out more about BeTheBusiness and their rebuild programme here.
Rachel Robins

Dr Rachel Robins is a qualified Coach and Mentor. Rachel is passionate about helping individuals and organisations to reach their full potential, through proven and innovative coaching and delivery style.

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