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The sessions with Rachel and Christine felt like an indulgent investment in myself. Popping thought bubbles in my head helped me think clearly and be more focused on my self awareness and actions. Thank you for providing a safe space to have rich valuable conversations.

Rachel FryerVirtual Experience Manager

I feel you have removed the mental block that I had put in place as a self-protection mechanism. I now feel able to stand tall, think freely and I want to say huge thank you for your input. It has really made such a significant difference to my mentality and I feel I can grow again.

June KeelingProfessor of Women's Health

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“The greatest gift we can give anyone is the space to be themself”

Dr Rachel Robins


We support clients to find the confidence to challenge themselves, leave their comfort zone and have the self-belief to set and achieve the goals they’ve always dreamed about.

Safe Space

We create a safe space for clients to let their inner voice be heard – and for them to understand what it is saying. Talking about the things that can be difficult and to start to imagine what the future could be – what they would like it to be.


We listen, ask questions, feedback about what we hear and see, and prompt you into action to support your growth and change. We challenge barriers perceived and real.

Permission to be yourself

Letting yourself share the concerns you thought you could not voice. We create space for you to think that isn’t selfish it is essential for all of us.

Through my hardest times in my career, you took me through that storm and always assured me there would be a rainbow and sunshine. You gave me strength not to give up and to find it.

Lisa WindleHead of Corporate & Customer Services

You enable me to not just question my insecurities and uncertainties but also my strengths and successes. You have helped to assure me that I am doing good work.

Richard TaylorExecutive Coach

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Thank you Christine. You have helped me to bloom.

Anna MayerSenior Planner

We believe in the value of our Coaching, Mentoring and Coaching Supervision conversations

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