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Individual Coaching Conversations

Build the skills and techniques needed to feel you can respond to whatever challenging environment you find yourself in. We empathise with your psychological experience of change which helps accelerate, facilitate, and support your success.

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Group Coaching Conversations

Group coaching can be a way for everyone to experience the magic of coaching, having the opportunity to learn through coaching models and techniques, with the added benefit of learning together as part of a group.

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Team Coaching Conversations

Designed to amplify collective capability and performance, our purpose-built programme will allow individuals in Teams to benefit from the magic of coaching and create new success together.

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Individual Coaching Supervision Conversations

We support you and your professional coaching practice and help to look after your health and wellbeing. Our supervision also ensures that your clients are well supported and receive the best possible coaching experience.

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Group Coaching Supervision Conversations

Gain access to a diversity of reflections, feedback and input, and the opportunity to experience others’ coaching styles. We create a supportive group environment and develop a real sense of community.

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Individual & Group Mentoring Conversations

Are you an HR, OD or Change Professional? We share experience, knowledge, and challenge in equal measure to develop and help you solve problems, improve your confidence, and reflect on your practice.

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Community Coaching

One of our principal values is to make coaching as accessible as possible. By partnering with community organisations, we can deliver high-quality coaching to local groups at significantly reduced or no cost rates.

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