Experienced Coach
Group Supervision Package

Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Supervision

Just 4/5 spaces still available

If you are looking for something like the below, this might just be the place for you:

  • Being in a room with other professional coaches.
  • Looking for space to explore and develop your coaching practice.
  • An environment to discuss your thoughts.
  • A small closed group that will give you a safe group environment.
  • Opportunity to constructively question yourself.
  • To be with people who are open-minded enough to try new things
  • Space to question some assumptions you hold.
  • Space and support to continue to grow.
  • To be with people who value reflective practice.

Who is Experienced Coach Group Coaching Supervision for?

Sunshine Coaching Supervision group - Experienced coaches with a full client practice or working as a coach internally for an organisation or use coaching as part of your wider practice. Supervision is an essential activity for even the most experienced coach.

Why invest in Supervision as an Experienced Coach?

Looking to invest in reflective practice with a small network of professionals, sharing ideas and learning new approaches.

Looking to build feedback loops into your coaching practice and develop further.

A programme of development that focuses on the ‘here and now’ for you building and using like-minded experienced professionals.

Coaching Supervision allows you to discuss difficult or challenging clients, gaining support.

Supervision provides a space that allows coaches to grow and flourish, it helps coaches to recharge and prevent coach burnout.

Coaching supervision is about working on ourselves so that we can in better service to others.

Mutual interactions and spark off each other, learning, sharing experience as well as observation.

Extension of your learning CPD.

What happens in a session?

The focus is on coaching practice. The three main areas we may explore are self-care, learning and development, and practice issues. Whatever you feel will help you develop as a coach is relevant in the supervision space.

Space for your reflection and to develop your reflective capability.

It provides you with support, tailored learning and a place to sense check ethical & boundary issues.

Once the group is formed it is closed to anyone else.

We share practice issues.

May 2021 Group

13 May; 15 Jul; 16 Sep; 11 Nov
13 Jan; 10 Mar

All sessions start at 8am

  • Fee – £75 per session (£450 for the year)
  • 90 mins sessions
  • Size of Group – Max 5 in a group
  • Delivery on Zoom – you can be anywhere in the country/world.

Could your team benefit from the magic of Group Coaching Supervision conversations?

Dates of this group don’t work for you?

We run multiple groups throughout the year, so if the current dates don’t feel like they fit for you, let’s have a chat. We will make sure you don’t miss out in future and add you to our waiting list.