Executive Team Coaching Package

For Executive Leadership and Director Teams 

If your team sounds like this, then we would love to work with you:

  • Want to be in the room together.
  • Ready to constructively question themselves.
  • Want to question their assumptions.
  • Want to continue to grow.
  • Value reflection.
  • Open to discussing their thoughts.
  • Open-minded enough to try new things.

Why invest in Team Coaching?

Are you ready for an exciting catalyst for developing or enhancing your Team effectiveness?

Would you like to bring a greater common focus, provide important space for conversation, dialogue, and reflection to your Team?

Do you want to promote great quality conversations that result in real action across an organisation?

Do you want to invest in a programme of development that focuses on the ‘here and now’ organisational issues that are important for you to address?

Our approach

We use a number of highly effective coaching tools and techniques.

We provide frameworks and models which we use to understand current reality, effectiveness and opportunities for change or to shift dynamics.

We address interpersonal needs and share organisational perspectives.

Lets us we work flexibly, responding to the needs of the Team and we are confident and skilled to be able to introduce the appropriate intervention ‘in the moment’.

You can expect that…

We initially work with each member of the Team individually, in advance of the Team Sessions, with confidential 1:1 conversations and tailored questionnaires to identify opportunities and challenges. We then come together as a group, to develop the full potential within the Team, helping them do their best work together.

Then follows the first Team Coaching session. This brings the Team together in a coaching sessions facilitated by two qualified and experienced coaches. The session will involve developing a clear set of coaching objectives that will deliver against business needs. The output from this session will be an agenda for the Team Coaching sessions, allowing for revision according to business needs.

We then work with the Team over a period of 6 months facilitating Team Coaching Sessions. A further 1:1 individual coaching session for each Team member will be included during this time.

What happens?

Participants learn through exchange and interaction with each other.

The sessions challenge, support, inform, and allow those involved to work together to grow.

The space created provides support for shared goals, focus, achievement, and celebration is key throughout the process.

As coaches we support, challenge, and facilitate this unique space.

The coach’s role is to facilitate learning by creating awareness.

More than anything else as coaches we provide a safe ’container’ in which the team can do the work, which means keeping and managing time and maintaining boundaries.

A real time Team Coaching experience is about holding up a mirror to the individuals within the Team and to the Team as a whole.

Could your team benefit from the magic of Team coaching conversations?