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  • Confidence as a coach (particularly in relation to new sector or industry or seniority of coachee)
  • Struggling to get perspective
  • Wanting more tools and techniques
  • Contracting issues
  • Getting involved in organisational politics
  • Confidence in getting clients
  • Am I good enough?
  • Perfect world thinking
  • Managing time in coaching sessions
  • How can I charge all this money for doing nothing?
  • Struggling to get clients to set goals – sessions tend to be just about listening and no movement towards outcomes
  • Should I be referring to a therapist or counsellor? Where are the boundaries?
  • How much should I push the client towards their goals?
Rachel Robins

Dr Rachel Robins is a qualified Coach and Mentor. Rachel is passionate about helping individuals and organisations to reach their full potential, through proven and innovative coaching and delivery style.

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