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It’s back to work today for me. I’ve had a great 2 weeks off spending time with family, friends and precious granddaughters. And whilst I haven’t been actively working, I have been reflecting; on my year, my business and my own development.

As a coach, I know the boundless benefits of reflection. It gives us the opportunity to improve our practice as well as ourselves. It allows us to create the space for ourselves that we are able to hold for our clients and gives us room to grow as people. It helps us show up as better people for the people we coach. Sounds good doesn’t it? Dare I say…easy?

As Rachel, I have never found reflection easy.

I know I should do it, but I am always afraid that while I am reflecting I will be missing something really good that is about to happen round the next corner.

My learning style is activist- can you tell?

How do we find balance between these points of view at RVR? Structure and intent.

I coach quite a lot during the week and I have one to one coaching supervision with a supervisor who knows me well and is able to help me hold myself accountable to my own values and I am able to openly discuss my thoughts in a safe space.

Christine, the new Director at RVR, prefers the small and frequent option of completing a reflective journal as part of her ‘Miracle Morning’ and group sessions with her peers to develop her ideas.

Either way, we both purposefully find time to complete reflections.

Part of the development of RVR over the last 12 months has been to include a supervision offer for all levels of coaches and people who are on a self development journey. We understand the value of having time to reflect on previous experiences in order to develop and learn.

If you have struggled to find the time or motivation to include reflective practice in your coaching career or personal development, have a look at our options and see what might fit for you.

We have a goal setting workshop on 16 January for people who would like a coaching environment to work on their intentions for the year.

We also have peer, group and one to one supervision sessions available. Have a look at our website for further details and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions

Goal Setting workshop tickets-

Happy New Year!


Rachel Robins

Dr Rachel Robins is a qualified Coach and Mentor. Rachel is passionate about helping individuals and organisations to reach their full potential, through proven and innovative coaching and delivery style.

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