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I love the Five Ways to Wellbeing model. I use it all the time. It’s simple and it works. One of the Five Ways to Wellbeing is to Keep Learning. It is there for a very good reason. Learning something new helps us grow. When we learn something new the brain’s structure changes and forms new connections with each new memory. Each time we learn, we add to the knowledge we know and we grow. How fantastic is that? Learning new words has always interested me. I still find it fascinating that there are so many I do not know. 

One I have learnt this week has been the word Terroir. Terroir is a French wordrelating to the environmental conditions, especially soil and climate, in which grapes are grown and that give a wine its unique flavour and aroma. It also applies to the self- the importanceof terroir to the French psyche and self-image is difficult to overestimate, because it is a concept almost untranslatable, combining notions of authenticity, of genuineness and particularity — of roots, and home.

This got me to thinking – what if we use the terroir concept to understand what we as individuals need to thrive, then what would that look like. Instead of a certain type of soil, weather and climate for each type of grape I think there is a certain amount of water; a number of people; types quantity and quality of food; amount of sunlight each of us needs. Missing some of these can seriously affect all of us.

More importantly, as we are all individuals, there will be different things we would all add to this list. For some it would be music, as life without it would be unbearable. For others it would be books or the sound of birds, or the ability to go for a run. We need to celebrate that we are all so different. What we personally really need for – our physical survival – Our mental wellbeing – Our ability to realise our potential – To Successful achieve of our life goals will look very different. The important thing to remember is that that is OK. If it is precious to you it needs to be in you Terroir list. However it does mean you have a responsibility to create that list. To spend time working out what it really is you need. These times aren’t right for averages. If you know you need an hour with a book very day to feel in balance – then that needs to be on your personal list. For me, the two essentials are walking in the fresh air, whatever the weather, and fresh fruit- the food that gets me out of bed in the morning.

What is authentic and peculiar to you that makes you thrive?

If a conversation would help to move forward and remember those things that you used to do to make you happy and complete we are here to help and if there is any support that we can give you, please get in touch. 

Rachel Robins

Dr Rachel Robins is a qualified Coach and Mentor. Rachel is passionate about helping individuals and organisations to reach their full potential, through proven and innovative coaching and delivery style.

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