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  • Check-In
    A welcome and to make sure everyone is ready for the session
  • Understanding and setting Individual and Group Expectation
    This is the section that forms stage 2 of your contract. We will go through these 3 areas so that everyone has a chance to share with the group what they are looking for and how they will unsure the group runs to be most effective
  • Goals – These are the over arching goals that you wish to work on during your supervision.
    • Methods – the methods of supervision required by the supervisees are different for each Supervision Group. Therefore Alpha Group will have an opportunity to discuss these at the first session. Consider before the first session your preferred method of learning. Are you a learner that engages better with a non-directive style or do you grow more with a directive style. Are you a creative learner? Do you enjoy ‘role play’ as a way of reflective practice or is ‘Hot set questioning’ more your style.
    • Preparation – this is the style in which we agree to prepare for the Group sessions. This will ensure that your group reflective practice has be most appropriate prepared content so that the time in-group can be the most productive and beneficial to all Group members.
  • Agreement as to which Supervisee’s issue we will discuss this evening

All Supervisees will share the issue that they have brought into Supervision and the Group will decide who is to present first.

  • The Supervisee shares what their issues or area of concern is to the Supervisor
  • The Supervisor will ask questions of Supervisee for clarification and to assist in the Supervisee gaining greater reflections
  • The Co-Supervisees then have the opportunity:
    •  To ask questions to aid their understanding of the issue
    • Offer any relevant experience they have that may be relevant
  • The Supervisee then considers all they have heard and reflects on are there actions they will take out of the session.

In a full Group Supervision Session this process will be repeated for each Group member who has brought an issue to the Session depending on time

  • Check-out – A chance to reflect on the session
Rachel Robins

Dr Rachel Robins is a qualified Coach and Mentor. Rachel is passionate about helping individuals and organisations to reach their full potential, through proven and innovative coaching and delivery style.

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